Australian/NZ Trade Tokens, M to Z.

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McFarlane, J. VIC penny. Renniks 354. Andrews 360. R2 rating, even brown colour, gVF.           $85
Martin, John. SA penny. 34mm. Renniks 343. Andrews 349. R3 rating. Good Fine.          $150
Merry TF & Co. QLD  penny. 34mm. Renniks 359. Andrews 367. R3 rating. Lightly rubbed, VF, not often seen.          $125
Mulligan, D.T. QLD 1863 Penny. Renniks 387 Andrews 392. R3 rating.  Usual contacts, etc, VF. $95
Mulligan, D.T. QLD 1863 Halfpenny. Renniks 388 Andrews 393. R3 rating.  Usual contacts, etc, about VF.           $75
Parker, R. Ironmonger, Geelong, VIC. Penny.  R411, R5 rating, die upset 180 degrees, gVF. $75 
Pettigrew, John. QLD 1865, penny, Renniks 428, R3 rarity. Sharp, VF. $120
Petty, Geo. Victoria. No date, penny, Renniks 431, R2 rarity. Fine. $50
Sawyer, J.  QLD 1864, penny, Renniks 461, R3 rating, aVF. $75
Shreeve, Noah.  SA circa 1870s, brass halpenny.  24mm. Renniks 462, Andrews 494. R5 rating, holed at top, VF & scarce.         $125
Somerville, M. 1857 NZ penny, R 482.  R2 rating. Even old colour, few marks, VF. $40
Southward & Sumpton. 34mm, R485, A501. R4 rating. Some roughness, Fine and scarce.           $75
Stewart & Hemmant, QLD Penny. Renniks 488, Andrews 505. R2 rating. Usual contacts,  etc, die break behind Emu leg, VF.         Sold
Toogood, A. NSW 1855 Penny. Renniks 557. Andrews 586. R2 rating.  Usual contacts, etc, VF. $50
Warnock Bros, VIC  Halfpenny. 28mm.  Renniks 576. Andrews 604. R4 rating. Slight roughness. VF, cat $300.           $90
Warnock Bros, VIC 1863 penny. 31mm.  Renniks 577. Andrews 605. R2 rating. VF, cat $150.         $100
Weight & Johnson, NSW c 1860s Halfpence. 28mm. R589. Some surface roughness, Fine. $40
White, Thomas & Son. TAS 1855 penny. Modern restrike of this popular token type, nearly as struck.         Sold   
Wood, W.D. 1855 TAS penny. 34mm. Renniks 600. Andrews 640. R2 rating. About Very Fine.           $85   


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