New Zealand,  1850s to 1880s period, A to L.

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Renniks Australian Coin & New Zealand Tokens.  1st Edition. Gives values, Renniks and some Andrews numbers for all tokens in this fascinating series.      $35

A study of Australasian Trade Tokens.  By Simon Gray, hardback, 216 pages. Issued late 2013. Serious about your token collecting? This beautifully illustrated reference book updates and improves on the knowledge of the series to date. Lists both Andrews and Renniks numbers as well as Simon's own numbering system.      $75
Advance Australia Penny. (Whitty & Brown, NSW) 33mm, Renniks 9, Andrews 632. R3 rating. Usual crude strike, typical of this issue, VF/F.     $75
Annand, Smith &Co. Victorian penny. 34mm, Renniks 23, Andrews 18. R 3 rating. Uusual worn reverse, VF/G. First regular issue token, August 1849.     $50
Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association (NZ) 1871 Penny. Andrews 326. Even colour, VF/gF.  $50
Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association (NZ) 1871 Penny. Andrews 326. Even colour, Fine.  $30
Bateman, William Junr & Co. 1855 VIC penny. 
34mm, Andrews 30, Renniks 45, R5 rarity, many contacts, gF and scarce.
Beath, G.L. Penny (NZ) undated.  Renniks 47. Usual variable strike. R3 rating, gF. $40
Brookes, W & B, QLD penny. 34mm, Andrews 53, Renniks 60, A49, R3 rarity, Very Fine.     $75
Butterworth, T & Co, VIC penny. 34mm, Andrews 53, Renniks 64, R3 rarity, Fine.      $50
Crothers & Co. VIC halfpenny. Renniks 97. 24mm, undated. Some roughness, VF and scarce, R5 rating.    $150
Crothers & Co. VIC halfpenny. Renniks 97. 24mm, undated. VF and scarce, R5 rating.   $250
Davies, Alexander & Co. 1857 NSW penny.  34mm. Renniks 104, Andrews 97, R3 rating. Good Fine.   $125
Dease, E.F. TAS Halfpenny.  31mm. R109, A100, R5 rating. Good Fine, very scarce...   $150
DeCarle, E & Co, 1855 VIC Penny.  33mm. R114, A105, R2 rating. Some roughness, Good Fine.      $45
Flavelle Bros & Co, QLD penny.  33mm. Renniks 135, Andrews 127, R2 rating. Very Fine.     $75
Gipps Land Hardwarde Company. VIC penny.  Renniks 151, A145, R4 rating  Some roughness, Fine and scarce.    $100
Gittos, B. NZ 1864 Penny.  R 154, R2 rating. Overall, VF. $40
Grundy, J.R. VIC 1861 Penny.  R 160. R3 rating. Some surface roughness, Fine. $50
Hanks & Co. Penny, NSW, 1857, Renniks 177. Andrews 184. R2 rarity, some surface roughness, gF.  $50
Hanks & Llyod. NSW 1857 Penny.  Renniks 179. Andrews 188. R2 rating.  Usual contacts, VF. $50
Hanks & Co.  Penny, NSW, 1857.  Renniks 181. R2 rarity, light overall corrosion, VF.  $65
Harrold Brothers 1858 SA penny. 34mm, Renniks 186, Andrews 185. R4 rating. Near Very Fine and scarce, cat $200 in F & $500 in VF.   $175
Hedberg, O.H. TAS Penny. 34mm, Renniks 191, R3 rating. Very Fine.      $75
Hedberg, O.H. TAS Halfpenny. Renniks 204, R2 rating. Some marks, Good Fine.      $50
Henry, Samuel. TAS Penny. 34mm, Renniks 218. R4 rating.  Very Fine and scarce.   $145
Hide, De Carle VIC 1858 Penny. Renniks 229. Andrews 237. R2 rating.  Nice old colour, usual contacts etc, gF. (EB) $45
Hobday and Jobberns. (NZ) Undated penny.  R238. R3 rating. Light overall corrosion otherwise Fine, looks better in reality than the photo, scarce. $45
Hodgins, William penny.  34mm. Renniks 239. Andrews 659. R3 rating. An Irish token used extensively in colonial Australia. VF, cat $125.      $85
Hogarth & Erichsen, silver 3d. Renniks 256. Andrews 691. R4 rating. Variable strike, VF, scarce, cat $900.    $425
Holloway, Professor "Pills & Ointments" 1858 penny, English, Renniks 260/5.  Circulated widely in Australia during this period. Several available, around fine for $10, F+ for $15 - $20. $10
$20 each
Hosie, J. 1862 Victorian  Penny.  34mm. R 269, A269.  R4 rating, Reverse scratches otherwise VF and scarce, cat $450.   $125
Howell, John. Adelaide Penny.  34mm. R 278, A274.  R4 rating, VF and scarce, cat $275.   $150
Howell, John. Adelaide Penny.  34mm. R 278, A274.  R4 rating, VF and scarce, cat $275.   $150
Hutton, G. TAS Undated Penny token.  R.282, A278.  R2 rating, Usual contacts, even brown colour, Fine.      $75
Iredale & Co. NSW c 1850s Penny. VF. Renniks 295. Andrews 294. R2 rating. Usual contacts etc, VF. $60
Jarvey. William Andrew. 33mm. Renniks 301. Andrews 301. R3 rating. Some surface damage, cheaper example of this interesting type, gF.      $35
Jarvey. William Andrew. 33mm. Renniks 303. Andrews 300. R3 rating. Usual contacts etc, clear strike, VF. Catalogue value $150.   $100
Jones, T.H. QLD penny. 34mm, Renniks 307. Andrews 307. R2 rating. Usual contacts etc, Fine.      $65
Lane, Joseph, UK, halfpenny. Renniks 313. Andrews 673. "Refined Australian Copper - For Alloying Gold" R6 rating, even brown colour, VF  and scarce.    $295
Larcombe & Co QLD penny.  Andrews 313, Renniks 314. R4 rating. Near Very Fine.    $125
Leigh, JM. NSW penny.  Andrews 319, Renniks 320. R1 rating. Very Fine.       $65
"Poor Ned" -

From an old

Ballard c1900.

1878 was a year I remember so well.

They put my father in an early grave

and slung my mother in jail.

Now, I don't know what's right or wrong.

But they hung Christ on nails.

Six kids at home & two still on the breast.

They wouldn't even give her bail.

Poor Ned, you're better off dead.

At least you'll get some peace of mind.

You're out on the track,

they're right on your back.

Boy, they're going to hang you high.

You know I wrote a letter about Stringy Bark Creek.

So they would understand.

Whilst I might be a bushranger,

I'm not a murdering man.

And I didn't want to shoot Kennedy or that copper Lonnegan

He alone could have saved his life,

By throwing down his gun.

You know they took Ned Kelly

and they hung him in the Melbourne jail.

'Though he fought so very bravely,

Dressed in iron mail.

But no man single handed

can hope to break the bars.

It's a thousand like Ned Kelly,

Who'll hoist the flag of stars.


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