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To make a purchase, please send an email with the details to Richard & Su at or telephone, Midday to 6pm AEST - Monday to Friday, 08 8165 3446 to confirm your purchase. 

If necessary, leave a phone message and a time to call and you will be answered.   

Note. These coin copies are sold for educational & study purposes only. 

SICILY - Gela.  Copy of silver tetradrachm, original coin struck 465-450 BC. Slow Quadriga/Forepart of man-headed bull. $35
BRITISH MUSEUM. Electrotype.  Copying Syracuse, Second Democracy, original struck c 460 BC.  Silver Tetradrachm (24mm, 13.50 g). Original dies signed by Euth- and Eumenes. Nike as charioteer, holding kentron and reins in both hands, driving fast quadriga right; above, Nike flying left, crowning charioteer with wreath; in exergue, Skylla, holding trident, swimming right; behind her, dolphin swimming right; EVΘ before / Head of Arethusa left, wearing earring, and necklace, hair bound in sakkos ornamented with stars; EVME-NO-V below neck; four dolphins swimming around. EF, toned. Edge stamped RR (for Robert Ready, electrotypist at the British Museum) Rare and beautiful, ex CNG with their ticket. $395
CARTHAGE.  Copy of silver Tetradrachm (original struck circa 400 BC) Galloping horse, Nike above/Palm Tree. $40
SICILY, Naxos - lead copy of silver tetradrachm (original struck 413-404 BC) Head of Maenad wearing ivy wreath/Naked Silenos squatting, facing, looking left, holding Kantharos, branch of ivy and wine skin. $35
TURKEY - Soloi. Copy of silver Stater. (Original struck 375-360 BC) Bare head of bearded Herakles/Satrap wearing Persian Tiara. $25
EUBOEA - Chalkis. Copy of Silver Drachm (Original struck 369-336 BC) 17mm, 3.41 grams. Seaby 960. Female Head/Eagle flying, with snake. Finely detailed, gVF. Sold
BRITISH MUSEUM. Electrotype.  Original struck c 350 BC. Copying Tarsos, Mazaios. Silver Stater (22mm, 10.07 g). 'BLTRZ' in Aramaic right, Baaltars seated left, holding eagle-tipped scepter in right hand; grain ear, grape-bunch, and letter in left field, letter under throne / 'MZDI ZI'L'BRNH RAWHLK' (“Mazaios Governor of Transeuphrates and Cilicia”) in Aramaic above, lion bringing down bull above a pair of crenelated walls, each with four towers. Good VF, toned. Edge not stamped or stamp removed.

The Aramaic inscription on the reverse of the type this electrotype copies has prompted Biblical coin researcher David Hendin to reconsider the meaning of this coin type. It traditionally is translated as “Mazaios governor of Transeuphrates and Cilicia,” but Hendin translates it somewhat differently as “Mazaios who is over Beyond the River and Cilicia.” The similarity of this inscription and a descriptive phrase used in two books of the Old Testament (which was codified at approximately the time this coin was struck) has led to Hendin’s suggestion that the walls on this coin represent the ones encompassing Jerusalem, which less than a century before had been rebuilt by Nehemiah, as related in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah. (A fuller discussion of the subject is presented on pages 100-103 of the the 4th edition of Hendin’s Guide to Biblical Coins.)


ITALY - Metapontion.  Copy of AE 14mm (Original struck circa 350-300 BC.) Young Herakles facing left/Ear of Corn, META in field. Very sharply struck with fine detail, apparently in silver. You get one similar to the types shown. $20


CRETE - Itanos. Copy of silver stater (original struck 320-270 BC.) Triton striking downwards at fish/ITA beneath two sea monsters. Large flan and old appearance, most likely made in the 19th century. Sold
MACEDON - Antigonos Gonatas.  Copy of silver tetradrachm (original struck circa 279-239 BC.)  King facing left/Zeus enthroned. Sold
LATER PADUAN MEDAL, after Giovanni Cavino. 1500-1570. Tiberius.   "Sestertius" (33mm, 15.60 g). Bare head left, with slight beard / Altar of Lugdunum. Klawans p. 27, 2; Lawrence 5. Near VF, dark reddish-brown patina. $100
REPLICAS. Roman Imperial. Lot of two (2) ‘Paduan’ medals.  Includes: Otho // Pertinax. Both later casts. VF, brown patinas. $75 each.     $75

Rome, Otho 69 AD.  Copies of two types of Otho Sestertius, well executed, the originals cost a packet. $35 each.  Sold
JUDAEA. Copy of AE19.  Second revolt. (Original struck circa 132-135 AD) Lyre/Grapes.  $15

ENGLAND. Anglo-Saxons. Alfred the Great, c 871-899 AD.  Various types of Alfred coins as copies. A heroic English ruler.  Originals are very rare. Whatever is available, $15 each. $15


VIKINGS. ST PETERS COINAGE, circa 919-925 AD, Penny.  Obverse - 'SCI PETRI MO' DIVIDED BY SWORD AND HAMMER BELOW.  Reverse - 'EBORACIE' small cross with pellet in each quarter, minted in YORK. 20mm, modern reproduction. $15
VIKINGS. SIHTRIC c 920-940 AD.  Long cross type penny.  Obverse - Profile bust of SIHTRIC facing left. Reverse - Long cross voided cross with pellet in centre. 19mm. Modern reproduction in pewter. $15
ENGLAND. Harold II 1066 penny.  Obverse - Crowned profile bust of HAROLD II facing left with sceptre. 'HAROLD REX ANGL' Reverse - 'PAX' 'EDPINE ON LUNDIN' Modern reproduction in pewter.

HAROLD II, known as GOWINSON. Born 1022. Made King 5th January 1066 aged 44. Won Battle OF Stamford Bridge on 25th September 1066 defeating the Norwegians. Died at Battle OF Hastings  on 14th October 1066 against William I  and his Normans. Buried at Waltham Abbey.

ENGLAND. Copy of Edward III (1327-1377) Gold Noble.  On key ring, with information ticket.     $10
ENGLAND. Copy of Richard III (1482-85) Gold Angel.  Same dimensions as original, uniface, stamped WR on reverse. Original costs thousands of $ $10
COPIES of famous English coins, including Henry VIII, William the Conqueror, Elizabeth I, Edward VI, Charles I, Henry VII. Same size and weight as the originals, all uniface (one side only) struck WR on reverse. $10


ELIZABETH I 1558 - 1603 SILVER TESTERN OR PORTCULLIS MONEY. Obverse - Crowned royal arms dividing 'ER'. 'ELIZABETH DG ANG FR ET HIB REGINA'. Reverse - Crowned  portcullis. 'POSVI DEVM ADIVTOREM MEVM'. Mintmark on both obverse and reverse is '0'  24mm. Modern reproduction in pewter.

These rare silver trade coins were minted in 1600 and 1601 only. They were minted for trade in the East Indies. They were struck to the weights of equivelent Spanish silver coins 8, 4 ,2 and 1 reales.

CHINA.  Replicas of the different Chinese Cash coins issued for the various dynasties, 1644-20th century. $15
       ENGLAND. 1653    Commonwealth shilling.  Obverse - 'THE COMMONWEALTH OF ENGLAND'. Shield of ST GEORGE surrounded by palm and laurel branches. Mintmark SUN. Reverse - 'GOD WITH US'. Shield of ST GEORGE and IRELAND with denomination XII in Roman Numerals and the date of 1653. 32mm. Modern reproduction in pewter. $15
Australia - Kangaroo Office Port Phillip 2oz gilt forgery without date, plain edge. Good reference item/gap filler, produced by the infamous forger David Gee. Ex Stewart Wright. A special part of Australian Numismatic History. Sold

REPRODUCTIONS of Famous Australian Colonial coinage, a selection of coins that would cost more than a  MILLION Dollars if they were real. Incl Holey Dollar, Adelaide Ingot, Adelaide 5 pound, Cartwheel penny, Taylor Pattern, 1909 Pattern Florin, etc In case of issue, 13 items. Good quality reproductions. Great gift idea for keen coin collector on a budget. Post $15. Sold

REPRODUCTIONS of Famous Australian Colonial coinage, a selection of coins that would cost about a MILLION Dollars if they were real. Incl Holey Dollar, Guinea, Pagoda, Internment Camps 5s, 1930 & 1937 pennies, 1855 sovereign, 1823 Tasmanian shilling, Taylor pattern 6d, etc. In case of issue, 12 items. Good quality reproductions. Great gift idea for keen coin collector on a budget. Post $15.Sold

GB Patina coinage. Retrospective patterns, show what British etc crowns MIGHT have looked like in 1808 HAD they been produced. Good quality, produced circa 1990s. Email to save.





1808 BERMUDA CROWN in Antique Bronzed COPPER.

$10 ea

Australia. 1813 Holey Dollar & Dump replica pair.  
The Holey Dollar was the first coin made in Australia, it was originally a Spanish coin that had the hole bored out to make two coins, the Dollar and the Dump, which were then stamped with their value in Australia.
Marked copy, good quality and the originals cost many thousands. 40mm and 19mm, 2 items in group.
Great Britain.  George III. Silver Half Crown, 1817. On pin mount, reverse enamalled 6 diff colours. Pretty example of this quaint Victorian habit. $75
Great Britain. 1818 Contemporary copy of Pattern Crown,  possible electrotype, Extremely Fine with splendid detail. Ex Tom Hanley Collection, Ex Noble Numismatics sale 89. Sold
Great Britain. 1852 Gothic florin,  enamalled with 7 colours. With pin mount, attractive. $95
GB 19th century Temperance Token,  base metal, 20mm. Near VF. Temperance societies were popular in the 19th century. $15

Model Money.  This 19th century Bi-Metallic "coinage" imitating GB and other famous types was originally made for dolls houses and is a fascinating example of the science. You get similar coin to the one shown. $15
Copies of old coins.  Base metal or low silver, includes coins originally from France, Spain, Mexico, French Indo China Piastre, etc. $5
1890s South Africa silver Kruger Money Brooch.  2/6d, 32mm, 1890s, VF detail, with pin mount, pretty.    $20
Australian 1917 Halfpenny.  Silvered, VF. $10
1923 Halfpenny copy,  as a lapel pin - uniface, cast.  $15
1923 Halfpenny. Good cast copy. Only buy key date coins from reputable dealers- there are a lot of copies out there now. For reference. NFS
GB Halfpenny.  In relief, with fields around portrait and Britannia removed. Very well done.    $15

1930 penny fakes. A couple to choose from.

1930 penny, altered date, silvered, very well done - $40.

1930 penny, modern bronze copy - $15.

1930 penny. Good cast copy. Only buy key date coins from reputable dealers- there are a lot of copies out there now. For reference.    NFS
Australian 1933 shilling fake in base metal.  Similar to photo. Be careful when buying real 1933 shillings. Made in Asia, like nearly everything else is, or soon will be. For reference

Old Chinese Proverb: He who feeds the alligator, gets eaten last.

1934-35 Australian Melbourne Centenary Florin.  In base metal - many forgeries of this coin about now, be careful, buy from recognised dealers only. For reference. NFS
1934-35 Australian Melbourne Centenary Florin.  Asian copy In base metal - bright, spacefiller.   NFS
1937 Australian Crown. Forgery in base metal, interesting. For reference NFS
1938 Australian Crown. Forgery in base metal, interesting. Only buy key date coins like this from reputable dealers. For reference. NFS
Australia (QLD) PMG Food Services token, Aluminum,  30mm, VF and scarce. $10
Australian c 1960s Masonic Badge.  Buffalos. 5 colours -red, dark blue, light blue, gold and white, approx 22mm, EF. $20
Coin Key Rings.  A fashion accessory. 1988 $1 and $2 coins, also 1952 penny. $7 each
Unique Australian Seven Pence coin. Made by combining a sixpence and a penny. Most common dates 1911-36 available. Well made and an oddity for your collection.





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