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To be sure your order is placed, send an email to Richard & Su at or telephone, Midday to 6pm AEST - Monday to Friday, 08 8165 3446 to confirm your purchase. 

If necessary, leave a phone message and a time to call and you will be answered.   

Coin items listed first, then stamp related items.

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BOOK. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by John Melville Jones. Hardback, 329 pages, brand new. Fascinating, packed with information about various aspect of Ancient Roman coinage.        $75

BOOK. A History of Roman Coinage in Britain by Sam Moorbead. Softback, 219 pages, brand new. Many colour images and much  information about Ancient Roman British coinage.        $50

Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote values.  27th and current Edition, packed with information and prices, similar to photo. $37.50

Renniks Australian Coin & New Zealand Tokens.  1st Edition. Gives values, Renniks and some Andrews numbers for all tokens in this fascinating sereies.        $35

Australian History 1901-2001 As seen through Banknotes.

A fascinating history of Australian banknotes. With the foreword written by by Ian Macfarlane, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia from 1996-2006.

The official note issue begins with the superscribed series printed by the Government before World War I, and continues up to today's polymer notes.

Limited edition leather-bound book with slipcase.

Images and information from the Reserve Bank of Australia Archives, collectors, dealers, historians, museums, etc. 

352 page full-colour covers Pre-Federation 1851 to 1900, Federation notes from 1901 to 2001, military issues of both World Wars and Vietnam, etc.

Co-authored by Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer, America's foremost banknote collectors, and John Pettit, one of Australia's leading banknote dealers, this coffee table sized book (about 310mm x 240mm) makes a brilliant present for a banknote collector and when issued, had a very high retail price ($250) Bankruptcy clean out means these are offered at a much lower price.

Terrific price of $50, posted within Australia or $35 for pickup.


Banks of Issue in Australia, by Michael Vort-Ronald, covers all Pre- Federation banknotes, with much detail and photos. Softback, over 300 pages, brand new.        $35

Australian Pre-Decimal Banknotes, by Michael Vort-Ronald. Good general reference and background. Brand new, soft back, over 300 pages packed with info. 


Australian Decimal Banknotes, by Michael Vort-Ronald. Good general reference and background. Brand new, soft back, over 300 pages packed with info. 


World Coin Catalogues.  By Krause. Softback. The BIBLE for world coin collectors, latest editions, (photos representative) crammed with information.  Softback, telephone directory thickness. Email for details and exact price on period required.

1601-1700 period. 1250+ pages.

1701-1800 period. 1100+ pages.

1801-1900 period, 1100+ pages.

1901-2013 period, 1200+ pages. New.








US Silver Dollars, 1794-1803, by Julius Reiver. Krause Publication, Hardback, over 100 pages with an abundance of information on these fascinating issues. Brand new. $25
Click small photo to see larger photo. Coin & Banknote Albums and Pages. Aust

New Dansco Push In Albums. For Australian pre decimal coins, 1910-64. Only a few left and impossible to get new at present.
Albums available for shillings. Brand new, never used. 

Dansco album for 2 x 2 coin holders.  10 new pages + brand new binder, will hold 120 coins. Good quality, I use them myself, classy & compact, fits in most safes.      Sold

Dansco album for crowns.  Fits coins up to 40mm. 5 x new 9 coin pages + brand new binder, will hold 45 crown sized coins.       Sold

NEW "Renniks" A4 coin albums are available. These have plastic insert sheets and will hold a variety of coin sizes from small to large. The albums have different size pages, plus white paper backing, to write descriptions of your coins. You get enough spaces & pages for 200-300 coins. Post $12 - Extra pages available for $2.20 per page. $35

Coin pages for the above albums. Brand new, $2.20 each.

30 pockets, fits larger coins, 50c size etc.

42 pockets, fits 20c and mid size coins.

63 pockets, fits smaller sized coins.




Coin pages for 2 x 2 coin holders.  Larger size, 20 to the page in 5 rows of 4. Fits in most ring binders. Pages only, coins or holders not included. $2.20 each
Self Adhesive 2 by 2 coin folders, no staples required. Essential for storing good quality coins!! Pack of fifty, various sizes available. Not cheap, but neither is one staple scratch on your coins. $14

 for 50

Coin 2 x 2 folders, staples required, suitable for storing Australian and World Coins. Most sizes available or we can get them.  $6.50

for 50

Inexpensive Banknote album, suitable for cheaper notes, new, with TEN x 3 pocket pages and binder. For cheaper notes. Album & pages only, notes not included. $35
Renniks Three Pocket Banknote Pages.  Suitable for cheaper to mid-price notes. Brand new condition.  Fit in any 3 ring binder or album listed above. Pages only, notes not included. Each page comes with white backing page to write description of your notes. 

2 pocket banknote pages for larger notes also available.






Banknote Album.  New good quality Lighthouse "Vario" Album and matching red padded outer slipcase. Complete with 10 x 3 pocket pages and black interleaving. Extra size 2 & 3 pages also available.  Top quality. For more expensive notes. HEAVY and LARGE! Weighs over 1 kilo. Post extra $15-$20 depending on location. $65
Click photo to see larger picture. Stamp Related Items... Aust

Lighthouse Stamp Stock books. Brand new, never used, handsome black pages, quality German manufacture. 230 x 300mm.

16 page stock book, capable of holding 500+ stamps. BRAND NEW. $20

32 page stock book, capable of holding 1000+ stamps. BRAND NEW. $30





Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogues.  World and British Commonwealth available. Brand new, never used, latest editions. Will discount on retail price, email your requests, as these have to be ordered, takes 10 - 14 days... $
Discounts sometimes  available on new retail price. BRAND NEW SEVEN SEAS Illustrated HINGELESS  pages and binder are available. Prices are approximate -  (1)Australian pre-Decimal $185. (2) Decimal 1966-2008 $600 (3) Australian States Hingeless $250. Post extra. New Territories & NZ Hingeless Albums also available, enquire re prices. 

See the next few items listed for second hand Hingeless  Illustrated Seven Seas stamp albums in good condition.

Seven Seas Hingeless Pages and album for all pre-decimal Australian mint or used stamps, 1913-65. Spaces to house all stamps, without using hinges, illustrated & described. Second hand, excellent overall condition, ready to use. New price over $150. 


Seven Seas hingeless pages & binsder for Australian mint decimal stamps. 1966 to 1985. A great way to store your mint Australian stamps, all pages with descriptions for each issue. Secondhand but very serviceable and in good condition AND a lot cheaper than new.  New cost $150+  Stamps not included. Sold

Seven Seas hingeless pages & album. Australian mint decimal stamps. 1986 to 2000. A great way to store your mint Australian stamps, all pages with descriptions for each issue. Secondhand but very serviceable and in good condition AND a lot cheaper than new.  Stamps not included. Sold

Stamp  "Hagner"  sheets - various sizes - sizes 2 to 8 available. BRAND NEW, virginal, never ever used, straight from the wholesaler.    Perfect format if you want to look after your collection. These generally survive some pretty atrocious handling and don't induce RUST, a very important consideration in Australian conditions. Sizes available for everything from panes, banknotes, blocks to single stamps. These are quite heavy, so order a quantity to save on higher postage costs. 

Size 2 Hagner sheets. For blocks, banknotes, covers. $1.70 each

Size 3 Hagner sheets. For blocks, mini sheets,  decimal banknotes, smaller covers. $1.70 each

Size 4 Hagner sheets.  For blocks and larger stamps. $1.70 each
Size 5 Hagner sheets. For large to medium size stamps. $1.70 each

Size 6 Hagner sheets. For medium size stamps. $1.70 each

Size 7 Hagner sheets. For smaller size stamps. $1.70 each
Size 8 Hagner sheets. For small stamps. $1.70 each


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